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About Vicky Harrison

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About Vicky Harrison

Vicky Harrison has been the designer and producer of a line of crystal jewellery and small gifts since 1987. She produces elegant pieces using sculpted wire, irradiated quartz crystal, semi-precious gemstones and fine crystals inspired by the beautifully coloured crystal formations found in nature  


After earning a BA at McMaster, a B.Sc. at Waterloo, and a B.Ed. at Brock, Vicky spent much of her career as a teacher. During that time she cultivated her interest in jewellery design taking additional courses in fashion design and wire sculpting jewellery courses at Mohawk College. During this time her style began to emerge and she had the opportunity to observe the effect her pieces had on the wearer, particularly colour choice.



About Vicky Harrison Designs

Vicky has participated in numerous craft fairs in Ontario, Montreal, the Prairie provinces, and Chicago during which time she was able to develop her unique jewellery style.   

Additionally, Vicky has found that customizing pieces and creating pieces at craft shows allows her visitors to put together the perfect colour combination for their unique requirements.  

Vicky’s  bookmark design was patented in 2001.



I was pleasantly surprised to find the necklace and pendant came in a box and were not tangled at all. The chain is very delicate and the pendant  as beautiful and very impressive especially for the price.



Very pretty, dark blue stone. Nice size – not so big it looks fake, and not so small you can’t see it. Beauty in simplicity.


Stunning Design

I love the quality and durability of the fine bracelet that I purchased. I never have to take it off.